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Monday, May 16, 2005

Well Kiddies, I am officially back from Costa Rica.. I had a pretty fun trip overall.. the weather was great, the surfing was spectacular... except for the "shark bite", and everyone there was truly nice and genuine, something u don't always get back at home.... unfortunately..... The day of the trip, my alarm clock was not working very well and I did not wake up early like I had planned, so I forgot my bathing suit, underwear, ipod charger, and a couple of other important things... oh well.... I did not know any of this though until I landed.... I had to borrow the nugget's bathing suit which was a bit too short... most of the europeans wore bikini's anway... once I got over the shock factor of the heat I immediately jumped into the pool, then I jumped into the beach, then I jumped on the bed, and then I jumped into bed, I did a whole lot of jumping !! I stayed at the resort Barcelo, a very nice "all inclusive" place that had a very good staff, anything you could want, they had, except for ravioli.... so Marmaduke would not have been happy !!, When I got off the plane, my sunglasses broke, that sucked.... and my Ipod was dying... that sucked as well.... most of the women were beautiful.. as long as they were under 26, once they past that age it is all over for them... very very wierd.... I met some FREAKS down there old and young... I also met some very good dancers and a whole lot of people from Georgia.... some from Dallas, some from Atlanta, I even got really good at spanish, I was amazed at how fast it all came back, I got pretty burnt, and did not bring any sun tan or spf lotion, so I improvised and used some hot sauce..... did not work as well as I had envisioned.... I got to participate in a whole lot of the nightly shows and represented Clarkganistan very well... I won 3 t-shirts and a bottle of wine.... I went kayaking, hiking, went on a string-line, water slide, horseback riding, (mental note- next time wear underwear) , and dancing... made some good friends, ate some good and bad food, tried some gasoline (aka GUARO... aka Costa Rican Rum).... went jogging and tore my foot up and my sandals, met a land survey crew, bought new sandals, those also broke... learned the Merengue, and some other latin dance.... I would recomend the Barcelo resort at Playa Langosta anytime to anyone.... at $750 for everything it was a steal.. considering the average costa rican worker makes $0.66 cents a day... I am talkin about the non tourism industry... that is all for now... I',m audi 5000.... peace in the middle east Ian


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