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Monday, June 20, 2005

This weekend was a bluuurrrr.... Friday Night, worked out, went to South Carolina/Georgia to pick up Sailor Moon. We walked into Moon's church/ excuse for a school and were unpleasantly surprised to see hymn singing at 10:00 on a Friday night, I really do not have it bad after all. There was a creepy guy playing piano, and he looked downright scary. I introduced myself and lurch answered with a non handshake !! It felt so wierd and akward. I also met Roy from St. Croix. He seemed pleasant enough. He did not say much and I guess that is why he was pleasant =). We left the compound and went to the BP. I needed COFFEE. I paid for Joe's coffee. That fool owes me like $10,000 in non discritionary income. I will get paid, oh yes, I will get paid, one way or the other. I know of a good booty, err bounty hunter, named Nasty, there is also Treybein, I guess he can choose the lesser of the 2 evils. Joe did not like his french vanilla capacino. He should have known, we were in the middle of the twilight zone. I digress, my 3/4 coffee 1/4 hot chocolate mix was good. I offered him some, but he refused. The rest of the trip continued as follows.... bla bla bla.. singing Gwen Stefani, bla bla bla, we hate RAZORLIGHT, bla bla, ian is the best person ever !!! We finally got home around 1:00 or 1:30... I went to bed. Saturday- Woke up at 7:30, called the gym and was placed in the 9:30 class. Made some coffee, scratched my butt, and surfed the net and checked email for a little while, then headed to the gym for my regiment. I forgot to wash my previous day's workout garb, so after 20 minutes of working out/cardio, I was a dirty dirty smelly punk. I felt bad for everyone who had to endure the wrath. Oh well, that is what they get. I finished the workout and took a shower. Oh the joy of warm showers !!. Went back to the office and vacummed the whole place. It took about and hour. I then got the call from Treybein, he reminded me that I had previously rsvp'd a lunch with him at Front Page News, where he works. It was all you can eat Crawdad, crayfish, or whatever day for $10.99.... also got a call from Lay-Z & Chi Chi, they tagged along for the trip. Lunch was fun. We drank on some refreshing Sam Addams summer brew, 3 pitchers, and then Chi Chi & Treybein had some mamosa's. In total, I had about 15 crawfish before I got tired of em. It is too much work, for little reward. Also I cut my finger. See what I mean !! We left Front Page News slighty buzzing and went back to Cruella's abode. Everything was good until Cruella found us on his porch. Sorry Cruella, but I was innocent. Anyways... it wasn't my fault. And please next time DO NOT BE SO DRAMATIC... there is a time and place for JOAN CRAWFORD, and 5:00 p.m. is not ONE OF THEM !!!!.....but I regress, one should not hold a grudge. =) Well once we were booted from Treybein & Cruella's place we went back home and put on some classic Battle For The Planet Of The Apes goodness and waited around. It was MATT Rey's day of birth and we had to celebrate. (Actually it was last Tuesday, but who pays attention to the minor details) Matt Rey takes it upon himself to have a generous portion of Jim Bean and coke. I would have suggeseted Diet coke, but that is just me. Also Matt Rey kept swearing that he would not do anything to make himself throw up later on. ALLLRIIGHT was my autoresponse. We parted ways with Lay-Z and headed to Pancho's. The place was jumping, like it always is. I guess it is because the weather was perfect and the patio had cantadores autentico. (Authentic Singers) Justin & I split a pitcher of Heart-Burn inducing frozen Margaritas. First three glasses were ok and then OH NO, it was something awful !!... no one ate their food.. it was not good at all, it was a step down from Purina Dog Food, but the chips were good. Matt Rey thought the waitress was in love with him, and he was right, she loves pets.... just kidding Matt Rey... it's all to the good... we left after an hour and half and were on our way to Famous Pub... it was dark and mysterious like it always is. DJ SuckAss was spinning and as usual there were few on the dance floor.... IT WAS TIME TO PROCURE Matt Rey some refreshments... 9 rounds of drinks, two pool games, 4 air hockey, two failed dance attempts, and Jasmine's BOOTY DANCING , which was unexpected, but welcomed, Matt Rey was a goner. We got home and the guys began to wrestle. Which strangely as it seems, is not that unusual. Matt Rey then puked after all and once he was done, he walked and then fell on the ground, it looked pretty painful, then we gave him his birthday punches, and proceede to pick him up. It was not 3:00 in the morning and enough was enough. Time to go to bed. Sunday- Sailor Moon went to church with us, I took him home, and we parted ways, that was the last I saw of him. At 3:00 I met with my dad and we met my mom aka McMom's, my brother and his girlfriend at Mick's in downtown. Everyone had a good time and we always have good conversations. At 4:30 I was stuffed. I ate a Feta Cheese / Roasted Red Pepper burger that was delicous. At 6:00 I was back home , laying down on the couch. At 6:45 the gang was back at the house and we were on our way to see Batman Begins, but first we had to watch Family guy. Genious, Peter found out he was retarded and they put a "Special Dad" sign in the yard. We laughed, we cried, we knitted sweaters, but it was the time spent together that counted. Batman begins was great, it was an action movie that actually had a story and a reason for the action. Christian Bale is great in everything he's in. Liam Neeson rounds off the cast. But my favorite actor was Michael Cane... even in his old age, he can always turn the audience to his favor and provide comic relief at the most appropriate times. SEE BATMAN.... that is all for now folks... my hand is craming up.... it is hard to just type with one hand... wink wink... See ya lata SUCKA's.. Ian.... aka The Urban Socrates


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