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Saturday, July 23, 2005

I came across an ineresting site today.. it is called Hobopoet, run by AJ Hoge, his site chronicles his life living in a car, living all over the world and how he did it... his site included a link to Whywork.org , a very interesting site that contained this quote :

"Material wealth is not an indicator of one's success on this earth; happiness is, at least for me. Don't get me wrong, I love money. I adore it and all the things it can attain, but not at the expense of my soul. I believe true fulfillment can only come by being brutally honest with yourself, and staying true to oneself. Being forced to wake up each morning at an un-godly hour and mindlessly conform to a society which is suffering from acute brain atrophy is certainly not the path to self-fulfillment. There has to be a better way. Do I have the answer? No, but at least I have recognized the problem, and surely that is the first step towards rectification.

Craig Mannelli"

My question is this- I read the article and agreed with many points that Craig was making. Am I alone in my thoughts ? Does one get a more fulfilling life he actually does not fall into the trap of the 40 hour work week ? Can you obtain more happiness by doing many different things in your life and not be trapped ? I have seen all to many people tell me that I wish I could've done this or gone to that place... well why don't you ? It's never to late !! Ian


At Monday, July 25, 2005, Anonymous Alex said...

I agree in part with Mr. Mannelli, but certain luxuries and the resulting happiness comes from the decisions that we make. We can choose to be "trapped" in the 40 hour work week and enjoy things like eating out, drinking at bars, cable television, concerts,air conditioning, the list goes on and on. Or we can live in our car and travel all over the world. I say whatever floats your boat. If Craig Mannelli is happy and isn't a burden on society then more power to him. But no one is asking him to attain things "at the expense of his soul" or anything.


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