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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New Blogs

Hello Kiddies, I know it has been a long time since I updated this blog, and that is because I have been seeing a different blog, a sexier blog, a blog that makes me feel like a man. I made the switch over to typepad. I do have some good news though. I have been accepted into the Bachelor of Interdiscplinary studies at GSU, well that was a while ago, while I was in the application process, I spoke with Yuki Takatori, the head of the Asian studies center, and I told her I was interested in studying abroad. I filled out some applications there, I applied to schools in Japan, Thailand, and China for a year long study abroad with an emphasis on international business. I have been accepted into the University of Bangkok and have decided to take up this opportunity. I can't wait. Props to Professor Takatori, she really came through. Currently things are not going so great at the NORTHLAND. My boss is freaking out more and more and it is starting to eat away at me. I could use a good change of scenery. So I have started to save money for my trip. I should have more than enough by the time January rolls around, cause that is when I am out of here. I am so excited. For part of my coursework, I will be a part time TEFL teacher. Teaching about 15 hours a week. I hope the experience is great. I have been doing alot of research on AJARN- the ultimate Thai Teacher Portal. In Other News... You Can Check out my two new blogs here and here That is all for now. I am trying to set up my blogs so that when one is updated, it will update the other two. Give me time, but for now, bookmark all three. Ta Ta For Now !!


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