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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

New Blogs

Hey Everyone.... in case you were still going to this blog and have not updated your old blogs... I wanted to let you know that things have changed. I now maintain 4 , yes 4 blogs. This blog is no longer my primary blog. I have moved on. These are my new blogs.
Rant N Rave : It took over this Blog. All of my old postings have been moved over there. Still crazy psychobabble and daily stuff that happens in my life. Tech-Journalist: This Blog is about new technology that I find interesting. The Unofficial U2 Blog: My fan site about All things U2. Looks for links, exclusive audio, movies, and anything else I find relevant. Teflwriter: This is going to be an interview Blog for TEFL teachers. I will post them questions and schedule interviews for them. I will give any TEFL teacher their 15 minutes of fame !! I have linked all of my other blogs on all my other blog pages. So staying informed should not be much of a problem. Any questions or comments can be sent to itrimble@gmail.com Thanks everyone.


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